Ideas to Broaden Our Celebration of the 12 Days of Christmas

Following are suggestions of ways, in the spirit of Christ, to broaden our celebration of the 12 days of Christmas:

1. Revive the Middle Ages tradition of Boxing Day as a day for people who have (material, emotional, physical) wealth to share with those who do not have; give a gift on this day to someone who has been of service to you

2. December 26th is also the traditional day to honour St. Stephen, the first martyred disciple of Jesus; read his story in Acts 6 & 7; sing the carol of Good King Wenceslaus

3. Spread out the opening of gifts over the twelve days of Christmas, giving a chance to savour each gift given; give a final gift on Epiphany to mark the gift giving of the three wise men

4. Read the story of Simeon and Anna, who waited so long for the Messiah to arrive, in Luke 2: 30-32; celebrate with Simeon and Anna by singing carols such as “Go Tell It On the Mountain” or “Joy to the World” (originally an Easter hymn)

5. Mark the feast of the Holy Innocents on December 28th by reading Matthew 2: 13-18 and hosting a children’s party as a way to celebrate the innocent among us

6. Hold a Twelfth Night celebration to mark the end of Christmas you can find more ideas in books such as To Dance with God by Gertrud Mueller Nelson or Before and After Christmas by Debbie Trafton O’Neal

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