Advent Candle Lighting, Year A, 2010, Introduction and Advent 1


A liturgy for use at home to begin the adventure of what God is up to in Christ.


Advent, which is from the Latin ‘adventus’, means ‘coming’.  We wait in Advent for the coming of God’s Messiah, our Savior, Christ Jesus.  We wait upon God, remembering that the root word for “wait” in both Hebrew and Latin also means “hope”.  Advent is the first season of the cycle that is the Christian year.

This liturgy is offered as a gift and a guide for marking Advent in your home.  You will need four blue candles and one large, white Christ candle.  These can be placed in a wreath, a log or in five individual candle holders.

You might do the Advent candle lighting after lunch or supper each Sunday once everyone has had something to eat.  Folks who are single might consider inviting others to join them for supper and the candle lighting. Different people, including children, could participate in the  candle lighting, question asking and response, reading of the scripture text, saying of the prayer and the proclamation. If at all possible, it is a child who should ask the question provided each week.

– Janice Love



Advent 1: Keep Awake!

Sunday, November 28th, 2010; Year A


Candle Lighting: Light one blue candle.

Question: Why do we light this candle?

Response: We light this candle to remember to keep awake for the Son of Man is coming at an unexpected hour.

Scripture: Read Matthew 24: 42-44*


Prayer: Jesus,

You are coming

to us and to the world.

We are waiting for You…

the land is waiting for You,

the ocean is waiting for You,

the plants and animals are waiting for You,

the poor are waiting for You,

the sick are waiting for You,

Keep us awake in our watching and waiting.

Come to us all soon.                Amen.


Singing: Sing a hymn together.  Following are some possibilities:

Wait for the Lord, Jacques Berthier 1984

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus, Charles Wesley   1744

O Come, O Come Emmanuel,    ca. 9th century, trans. John Neale   1851


Proclamation: Now is the time to wake from sleep.  Our Lord is coming.



Through the Week:

light this blue candle at supper each evening, saying, “Keep awake!”

– wonder about where we are asleep in our discipleship

– pray that Jesus returns soon


* this reading is chosen from one of the Revised Common Lectionary readings for this day (Matthew 24: 36-44)

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