Candle Lighting – Good Friday, Year C, 2010

The Lenten table centrepiece remains covered with a black cloth.

The Lenten Table centrepiece is covered with a black cloth


Take all the purple candles out of their holders and lay them down around

the Christ candle.  Cover the entire centrepiece with a black cloth.


Question:    Why do we not even light the Christ candle this day?

Response:    We light no candles today, not even the Christ candle,

                     to remind us that on this day Jesus was crucified, died

                     and was buried.


Pray:    We are sad this day that we choose to silence You with violence.

            Help us not to do this again.     Amen.


NOTE:   See the article, “Good Friday”, for ideas on how to share the story

             of this day together as a family.

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