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With the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday,we begin Holy Week, the highest holy time for Christians.This is the narrow gate through which, and only through which, we can arrive in surprise and joy atthe celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour.  It is a week of high drama and pathos which we best mark with our fellow Christians through worship, the washing of feet, the sharing of the Eucharist, the extinguishing of light.   Holy Week is part of the season of Lent.  The colourfor this week changes though, from purple to red, signifying the shiftin the season as we enter the timeof Jesus’ passion. Many folks wonderwhat the best ways are for children to experience this high, holy time.  If your church takes care to include the children in the way it marks this time together, then this is the best of all the possibilities.  At homethrough this week we engage in a number of practices, including having our travelingJesus arrive in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday (traveling Jesus), highlighting a story from this time on Holy Monday through Holy Wednesday, extinguishing more and more of the candles we have been lighting throughout Lent and burying Jesus in his borrowedtomb on Friday.  See below for more detailed descriptions. If you hesitate to markthis week at home orby having your childrenattend your church’sgatherings and worshipduring this week, letme reassure you thatit can be one of thegreatest gifts you cangive to them to do so.Very young children may not understand everything that is happening in this week but they do want to be a part of what we believe is important and their presence with us as we move through the events and activities of this week allows them to do just that.  They are unlikely to be disturbed by the story.  Already by the age of threechildren are having nightmares – they know that every-thing is not right with the world,they have likely glimpsed the reality of suffering and they have their own fears.  What happens to Jesus throughthis week may not even surprise them.  What their participation in the week does do is give them the reassurance that suffering and death are not the end of the story.  That God has and will triumph.    

Candle Lighting – Palm Sunday, Year C, 2010

  NOTE:  The colour for Palm Sunday is red as we begin Holy Week, our highest holy             time.  We mark this change by placing a red placemat underneath the             Lenten table centerpiece.   Light the Christ candle and … Continue reading

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