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    The gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost prompts and guides the response of the Christian church through this long season of growth in discipleship and service.  The church has been gifted with all that it needs to proclaim and participate in God’s mission to and for the world.  We have marked the seasons of Advent through to Pentecost and been reminded once again who and whose we are.  Our life is (further) transformed by this story of what God is up to.  We are freed from fear in all its manifestations, our heart and mind, our will, shaped by the compassion and love of the Trinity.   The liturgical colour is green, a deeper shade of which can be used to distinguish this season from Epiphany and to hint at the deep maturing in faith we are now called to.  This long season of extraordinary time is an adventure “full of risk and surprise.” (Ed Searcy in Keeping Time

Season After Pentecost Table Centre

This is a picture of the “circle of friends” that we use as our table centre piece throughout the Season After Pentecost.  It works well as a symbol of the church post Pentecost:  disciples gathered around the light of Christ, … Continue reading

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