Marking Good Friday

Three crosses stand on a small table covered with a red cloth

Good Friday is often not a worship service

with the church that is inclusive of children.

By stating this I am not referring to theThree crosses stand on a  small table covered with a red cloth

subject matter of the worship service

but rather to the way the service is

performed – lots of words and little


We have tended to mark this day at

home with our son the last few years.

The table we use in our living room

for Golgotha is covered with a red

cloth and the crosses we have made

from the branches of trees in our

yard are propped up with rocks

that we also gather from our yard.

We gather here at three in the

afternoon (the time Jesus died as

recorded in the gospels of 

Matthew, Mark and Luke).

The Jesus figure we have walked to

our living room Jerusalem throughout

Lent (and who arrived on Palm Sunday), is moved the the Golgotha table

and stands next the the centre cross.  Then we read the story (this year from

either John 18:28 – 19:42 or Luke 22:63 -23:56) together.

Next, our Jesus figure is wrapped in cloth bands (cheesecloth works well) and 

we place him in the “tomb” we make on the shelf below the crosses, using the

rocks that have held up the crosses.  The entire table is then covered with a

black cloth and remains this way until Sunday morning.


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